Consulting, Concept, Branding.

Simply put, I’m there for my clients.

As a new client, you’ve probably spent years thinking about this moment. You know exactly how want your logo to look but don’t know how to make it a reality or maybe, you didn’t even know you needed a logo! Either way- I make your success part of my business. If you’re doing great- chances are, WE are doing great.

With the excitement of a new business, often times things are overlooked. Mistakes happen and limiting them gets you moving faster towards your success.

You won’t hear YES from me, unless I mean it.

I’ve consulted for million dollar venues, theater companies, artists, manufacturers, and distributors.

I’ve branded for major retailers, musicians, 5 star restaurants, and award winning writers.

I’ve conceived business models for health and beauty moguls, TV personalities,
and concepts for spectacular nightlife events and charities.